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Thursday, July 28, 2005


2005 Camp Location

As you probably know by now, we're camping with the Alternate Energy Zone this year. They just got their location assignment:

Just got this link to the BRC Theme Camp List from the Black Rock Ranger email board. AEZ is in a familiar locale:

Alternative Energy Zone village 5:00 and Catharsis 500 x 500


Here is a link to the Black Rock City Plan map:


And here are some nearby camps locations:

Chillonia Catharsis and 4:30 50 x 150 Satan Cakes
Furtopia 4:30 and Catharsis 150 x 150 Satan Cakes
Anonymous Camp Catharsis and 5:30 100 x 100 Josephine
Blyss Abyss: Psychoasis Catharsis and 5:30 100 x 100 Josephine
Cafe Village Catharsis and 5:30 200 x 400 Josephine
Conscious Craving Catharsis and 5:30 100 x 100 Josephine
Kidsville 5:30 and Ego 400 x 300 Josephine
Hushville 5:30 x Ego 400 x 350 Satan Cakes
Art Car Camp Catharsis and 6:00 150 x 200 Josephine
HeeBeeGeeBee Healers 7:30 and Ego 200 x 350 Scout

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