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Tuesday, July 05, 2005


2005 Kickoff BBQ

Our first kickoff BBQ for 2005 will be on Saturday, July 16th, at Jenny's Lower Haight studio. Afterwards, we can go to the San Francisco debut of IGNITE!

It looks like Bosco, Susan, Hoshi, Bill, Joe, and Jenny will be the definites for 2005. Marisa, Kathleen, and Darcey expressed interest, but they don't have tickets yet.

EDIT 2005/07/08: The kickoff BBQ will be at Jenny's place in Mountain View. Remember to RSVP.

Clarity: I was originally thinking of having the BBQ here at my house in Mnt View, with the backyard and bbq and fire pit. My studio in SF is very sparce. No chairs, table, kitchen supplies, or bbq. If it's easier to have it in SF for locale, and people want to bring all that stuff to the studio, that's cool. Just wanted to clarify the difference.
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